Company of Animals Remote Control Vibration Collar

Company of Animals Remote Control Vibration Collar
  • A remote controlled collar, designed to interrupt unwanted behaviours.
  • The collar is ideal to help with recall training and to interrupt chasing, digging, barking and many more unwanted behaviours.
  • The collar can either deliver a high pitched sound or vibration to interrupt the behaviour.
  • Great for helping to train deaf dogs
  • Fits neck sizes between; 30-74cm. DVD training guied included

If your dog displays antisocial barking behaviour, then the Pettags No Bark Vibration Collar is a safe and humane way to deter them from barking.

It helps to reduce excessive barking by either vibrating or releasing a high frequency noise when your dog is vocal, distracting them and stopping barking. It can be used either manually with the remote control included, or it can be set to automatic to be used if you are unable to correct the behaviour yourself.

The collar features two modes; vibration or sound. Both are very humane, and the use of the collar does not cause distress in any way to your dog.

The remote control has a range of 150 feet.

Lowest Price: £54.99
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