Dog & Field Training Lead – 6 meter Long Training / Exercise Lead – Soft Braided Nylon

Dog & Field Training Lead - 6 meter Long Training / Exercise Lead - Soft Braided Nylon
  • Gives the dog more freedom whilst remaining under control
  • Perfect for on lead exercise
  • Great for obedience training
  • Suitable for for pets and working dogs
  • As used by professional trainers and behaviourists

The Dog & Field Training Lead has been specifically designed to aid the dog handler with control whilst still allowing the dog freedom. The training lead has been designed by us and manufactured in the UK to a very high standard using 4mm knit braid. We have kept all the characteristics of a traditional slip lead incorporating a 3/4” ring and sliding stopper. The handle and ring loop have been rounded off with a molded cleat for a nice neat finish. At 6 meters long and with the traditional slip lead style with rubber stopper the the Dog & Field Training Lead is perfect for handling your dog out to a distance that has been before unachievable on a normal length lead. You will be able to walk exercise or train your dog at a distance allowing your dog freedom whilst remaining in full control at all times. You can sit your dog at distances out to 6 meters and then guide them back in with the training lead used in conjunction with the recall whistle or voice command. The lead can be used as a check cord out to 6 meters to help you reinforce the stop whistle or recall The training lead can be used in many different circumstances from basic training in your garden to walking in the park allowing your dog freedom whilst you still remain in control at all times.

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