fortesan Booster – Click Clack Clicker for Training Your Dog

fortesan Booster - Click Clack Clicker for Training Your Dog
  • For training and play
  • Dimensions: 7 x 4 x 2 cm
  • Booster for dog

The clicker is a small object in can emit a sound type ‘click-clack’ (in general is a tin of plastic Comes with a metal tab, tamped the which is output the sound). It is useful to teach to the animal which is the correct behaviour. The clicker training is based on this principle: to give to the animal What it wants to in exchange of actions and desired behaviour by trainer (For example of food to a dog Each Time That This does give a leap or sits), highlighted with precision from the sound of the clicker. Small to hide in the hand, complete the practical hoop clip it to your bunch of keys. Just a light pressure on the button to activate the click. It is important for a dog and its master, be able to communicate, even in presence of distractions or noise. If a command is associated with a particular sound will be easy to recognise this in any situation. The reference Click Clack fortesan, with metallic foil which when pressed makes a sound, can be really useful for this purpose. It is necessary to teach practice with patience each of reference to your dog before reap the amazing results. Procedure: The procedure of the initial application of the clicker is to accompany the sound with a premium (from food to toys) in order to associate to the animal the positivity of the sound and encourage him in its behave correctly. In the course of the training, when the animal you will hear the sound that has now connected to the premium, will understand that has done well and will be more inclined to repeat this action. Dimensions: 7 x 4 x 2 cm

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