GoDoggie Anti-Bark & Bark Training Dog Collar – Stop your Dog Barking, High Frequency Sound & Vibrations Only, No Shock, No Pain, Completely Humane, 100% Safe for your Dog, Full Guarantee – Blue

GoDoggie Anti-Bark & Bark Training Dog Collar - Stop your Dog Barking, High Frequency Sound & Vibrations Only, No Shock, No Pain, Completely Humane, 100% Safe for your Dog, Full Guarantee - Blue
  • ✅ QUICKLY STOPS YOUR DOG BARKING: Uncontrollable & excessive barking (or other forms of dog vocalisation such whines & howls) can be stopped quickly, safely & easily using this latest GoDoggie anti-bark & bark training collar. The latest technology, including 7 levels of sensitivity adjustment, progressive beeps & battery indicator lights, coupled with a completely safe & quick training system makes this one of the most effective bark control solutions currently available.
  • ✅ 100% SAFE, HUMANE & COMPLETELY HARMLESS FOR YOUR DOG: Many anti-bark dog collars use a training system based on electric shocks. Our GoDoggie anti-bark collar only uses high frequency sound & vibrations, so it is a completely safe & humane training method which is completely harmless for your dog & your dog will feel no shocks & zero pain. The collars includes both short & long contact points, so it can be used on small, medium & large dogs.
  • ✅ VERY EASY TO USE: The GoDoggie anti-bark collar goes around your dog’s neck, it is 100% nylon & fully adjustable, with a strong snap-clasp so it is quick & easy to put on & take off. The device on the collar is aligned to your dog’s throat & it is very easy to switch on. From this point on, the collar distinguishes your dog’s bark from environmental noises, detects nuisance & excessive barking, & admits sounds & small harmless vibrations to break bad habits & improve behaviour.
  • ✅ LATEST TECHNOLOGY & PREMIUM QUALITY: The latest micro-processor technology is used to set up a pattern of sound & vibrations that you dog will learn is caused by its own barking. Not only does the collar include the latest training system, it also includes top quality components & materials & is built to last & to the latest safety standards. In order to protect your dog, for example, the collar will not operate continuously, it will turn itself off for a short period of time.
  • ✅ FULL MONEY-BACK LIFETIME GUARANTEE – Providing no risk to you & complete peace of mind, all GoDoggie products have a full no questions asked money-back one year guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, simply return for a full refund.

Are you looking for the latest premium-quality anti-bark & bark training collar which quickly & easily trains your dog to stop barking?

Dogs bark for a variety of reasons, including alert/warning, attention-seeking, being surprised or startled, self-identification, anxious, lonely or just bored. Excessive & uncontrolled barking can be a real nuisance for you & your neighbours & it is difficult to train your dog to break bad habits & unwanted behaviors.

To solve the problem once & for all, you need the GoDoggie anti-bark & bark training collar, the latest in bark training tech & a must-have anti-bark collar for all owners who have dogs with bad habits & unwanted behaviors. It includes:

✅ The latest most advanced & accurate bark recognition technology
✅ The most accurate & consistent anti-bark & bark training system available
✅ 7 levels of adjustable sensitivity
✅ Super-effective & fast, with immediate & impressive results
✅ The safest & most humane anti-bark & bark training collar on the market

COLLAR SIZE: Length: adjusts 25cm / 9.8″ – 55cm / 21.6″ x Width: 2cm / 0.8″

✅ 1 x Latest GoDoggie Anti-Bark Training Device
✅ 1 x Fully Adjustable Reflective Nylon Collar
✅ 1 x Device Tester
✅ 2 x Long Contact Points (for medium to large & long-haired dogs)
✅ 2 x Short Contact Points (for small to medium & short-haired dogs)
✅ GoDoggie Operating Manual

The GoDoggie Anti-Bark & Bark Training Collar provides you with everything you need, it is very easy, automatically train your dog to stop barking.

Guarantee: GoDoggie includes a full no-questions-asked money back one year guarantee – order now with no risk & complete peace of mind.

Quickly stop your dog barking, achieve fast results, get the latest & best dog tech available to train your dog, order yours now, click [Add to Cart] top right while stocks last.

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