HALTI Headcollar Red Size 2

HALTI Headcollar Red Size 2
  • The HALTI Headcollar, is simple to fit and easy to use and its unique patented design is a highly effective but gentle way to stop dogs from pulling on the lead
  • It works by steering the dog’s head in the direction the owner wants to go and therefore the body has to follow, ensuring a comfortable lead walking experience for all
  • Designed by Dr Roger Mugford in 1979, it is the original and still the best headcollar available, recommended by vets and animal experts worldwide
  • Made from lightweight yet very strong nylon webbing, the HALTI headcollar is designed for comfort and allows the dog to pant and yawn. All HALTI’s feature padding on the nose band, either leather (available only in black) or neoprene (available in black or red)
  • Each HALTI comes complete with a free HALTI safety link and a comprehensive training guide.  To work with the headcollar we also recommend the multi-functional HALTI Training Lead, as this provides optimum steering and control for non-pull training

Dog headcollar. Stops dogs pulling on the lead. Calms boisterous behaviour. Simplifies training. Allows the freedom to pant and yawn. On-off action to close biters jaws. Padded option for soft nosed breeds (Black only).

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