PetSafe Clik-R Training Tool

PetSafe Clik-R Training Tool
  • Hand-held clicker with finger holder
  • Training with the clicker sound as a marker
  • For basic obedience commands to tricks and agility activities
  • Instructions included
  • Can easily attach a lanyard

Clicker training is not just for dogs either. Though it has gained the most popularity in dog training, clicker training can be used very effectively with cats and horses and many other species. Essentially the concepts are the same, though the food treats and/or other rewards you use may differ. Any animal that likes to eat can be trained using these methods. the Clik-R is especially well-suited to cat training, as the softer click is accepted by them . Cats do best with shorter sessions and very high-value rewards. Be creative!

Recommended by Terry Ryan world acclaimed international dog trainer and speaker on all topics training related. Using the Clik-R is an easy and fun way to shape and reward positive behaviours in your dog. It is based on the scientific principles of classical conditioning and operant conditioning, and its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use. The Clik-R utilizes scientifically proven animal behaviour principles for fast, fun learning.

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