Premium Dog Choke Chain Collar, M-L: 35-50 cm/20 mm, Black

Premium Dog Choke Chain Collar, M-L: 35-50 cm/20 mm, Black
  • Super stylish, sturdy choke collar
  • Made from high quality nylon material
  • Strong metal chain and clip ring
  • Fully adjustable to your dog’s neck
  • Useful in basic training of your dog

As with all methods of training your dog or puppy it is very important to use these tools with care so that you don’t end up inadvertently hurting them. This Premium Choke is in size L-XL 45-70cm/25mm in a beautiful, jet black, high quality nylon which is very weather resistant, resilient, washable with strong metal chain and attachment ring. It is fully adjustable with a stop function. The choke needs to be a correct fit to work properly and if you are in any doubt then contact your vet or somebody who is knowledgeable in this field. Training a dog can need both negative and positive incentives and this choke can help to provide you with the extra control that you need. A quick pull and release will help make them understand that you are in command and that they need to obey. Plenty of constructive and positive actions from you will encourage them in their quest.

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