XtraDog Fleece Walking Harness (Medium/Large) An effective and stylish fleece walking harness (Charcoal Grey)

XtraDog Fleece Walking Harness (Medium/Large) An effective and stylish fleece walking harness (Charcoal Grey)
  • Fleece lined harness for maximum comfort
  • Helps prevent pulling
  • Can be used with a double ended lead
  • O rings to prevent wear on the webbing
  • All orders placed 4th-14th March will be dispatched 15th March

This medium large harness is designed to fit the smaller of the large dog breeds. This includes; Labradors, German Shepherds, Belgian Shepherds, large huskies and similar sized dogs. Fleece-lined walking harness for maximum comfort and helps to stop dogs from pulling Additional front rings as standard Designed by Marie Miller and endorsed by Tellington TTouch UK A choice of 11 sizes and numerous colour options. These new harnesses have been specially designed with an “O” ring at the top plus one at the front so that they can be used with a double ended lead. It becomes easy to stop your dog from pulling using Tellington TTouch leading and balancing walking techniques. These harnesses are designed and made by Xtra Dog and offer the following benefits: The only manufacturer of fleece harnesses to offer 10 standard fit sizes and a made-to-measure service Front rings are ideally positioned to re-balance pulling dogs New measurements for better clearance of the dog’s front legs “O” rings rather than “D” rings – less wear on the webbing New heavier grade fleece with webbing matching the colour of the fleece – the most effective and stylish harness a dog can Machine washable at low temperatures The following is the size of the harness followed by the ribcage and neck measurements Petite 26 – 31 cm, 26 cm. XX Small – 36 – 45 cm, 36 cm. X Small 42 – 54 cm, 37 cm. Small 46 – 61 cm, 46 cm. S/Med 50- 64 cm, 52 cm. Medium 53 – 71 cm, 57 cm. M/Deep 56 – 75 cm, 61 cm. M/Large 64 – 83 cm, 66 cm. Large 65 – 87 cm, 72 cm. XLarge 76 – 104 cm, 72 cm. XX Large 92 – 125 cm, 96 cm.

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